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Event Questions
If you have read the FAQs and still have questions send us a message.

Volunteer for Michigan Oktober Festival!

The Michigan Oktober Festival team can always use additional help! If you are part of an organization looking to raise money, there are jobs on-site that your team can perform to help raise money for your organization. If you are simply a community minded individual and want to sign up to help the non-profit group with beer pouring, etc. feel free to sign up online here and we’ll get you connected with our Michigan Oktober Fest Team. Once you sign up, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you.


If you would like to Volunteer solo or with a few friends, you can get involved and have some fun. Shifts are available on Friday & Saturday.



Charity Groups

If your charity would like to raise money, you can send a team of volunteers to help at our event and your non-profit or community-based group can receive a donation for the volunteered time! If you would like more information, feel free to sign up on the list and check the box to receive more info about groups.


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