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Got Questions? We have answers! We are busy planning a great event so we can’t get to emails and calls as quickly as we would like, so here is the fastest way to get your questions answered:

What is Michigan Oktober Fest?

Michigan Oktober Fest is a weekend-long festival that is a celebration of German and fall themed food, LIVE local & oompah bands, games & contests and of course beer!!!  Our event will have a classic fall theme with twist on the traditional Bavarian experience.

What time is the Michigan Oktober Fest?

FRI 5p-11p | SAT 12p-11p 

Where is Michigan Oktober Fest Held?

Michigan Oktober Fest will be hosted at located at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. CLICK HERE for more details on the festival’s location, footprint & parking.

What If It Rains?

OktobBEER & BBQ Fest  is a rain or shine event, so please check the weather beforehand. Only in cases of extreme weather will we evacuate the event area…but only for the duration of severe weather (storm threatening lightning and/or winds).

What Do I Wear?

Anything is fair game, we just ask that you come dressed!  
If you like to get into the fall OktoBEER Fest spirit, men can always don their Lederhosen and an Alpine hat while the women can wear a Dirndl dress or a Beer Maid costume. These are available at online retailers and at many Halloween or costume stores in your area.

Will Credit Cards Be Accepted?

You bet!  We will accept all major credit cards. 
Note:  There will be a small convenience fee per credit card charge so we recommend bringing cash!

Will there be an ATM on-site?

Yes. There will be at least one ATM on-site.  It is located in the area convenient to the food booths and beer tents.

Will there be food there?

Absolutely! Some of the area’s best BBQ as well as other hearty & fall themed food will be available to purchase.  Check out the list of food vendors on our food & drinks page.

Will there be places to sit? Covered areas for eating/drinking?

Yes, there will be some first-come-first-serve seating under a HUGE tent!

Do I need an ID?

Only if you want to drink alcohol.

Does Michigan Oktober Fest use drink tickets?

Nope, guests of Michigan Oktober Fest can purchase adult beverages, pop & water at any bar using cash or credit/debit card.

How can I be a vendor?

Click Here to Fill out a Vendor Form
Or Contact us a 

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Sorry, no. There are state laws that regulate outside food and drinks from entering licensed festival areas. We will provide plenty of opportunities to try great food and drink while you’re here!

Can I bring my children?

Of course! OktoBEER & BBQ Fest is a family-friendly event that features bounce houses for the kids.

Will there be designated driver options available after the event?

Safe & Hassle Free Rides with Lyft…
Never Worry About Parking Again!


What Else Do I Need To Know Before Attending?

  • No entrance for anyone showing signs of intoxication – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • All bags & backpacks are subject to search
  • No outside beverages or food permitted

Can I volunteer at Michigan Oktober Fest

ABSOLUTELY! The MCCF and the Michigan Oktober Fest team can always use additional help! If you are part of an organization looking to raise money, there are jobs on-site that your team can perform to help raise money for your organization. If you are simply a community minded individual and want to sign up to help the non-profit group with beer pouring, etc. feel free to sign up online here and we’ll get you connected with Michigan Oktober Fest Team. Once you sign up, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you.

Is there a charity associated with the festival?

The festival’s official non-profit partner will be announced soon.

Can I bring my pet?

All leashed four-legged friends are welcome at Oktobeer Festival!

Still Have Questions?

If you have really read all of the FAQs and STILL have questions (come on, how could you?!) you can inquire at

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